NGNP Industry Alliance to Address Leaders and Scientists at HTR 2018 Conference in Warsaw

NGNP Industry Alliance CEO Donald Hoffman and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Finis Southworth will address the HTR 2018: International Conference on High Temperature Reactor Technology, in Warsaw, Poland, October 8 to 10.

Mr. Hoffman will present progress made in the United States promoting the deployment of Generation-IV nuclear technologies such as the High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor (HTGR), and associated energy systems. Dr. Southworth will provide updates on the NGNP Industry Alliance’s consultative work on the Gemini Plus Research and Development Project, done in partnership with the Euratom Research and Training Program.

“We want the international community to know that U.S. companies are working hard to create commercial opportunities for advanced nuclear, and that the National Laboratories are playing a major role with cross-cutting technical advancements,” said Mr. Hoffman. “The White House and Congress are very much engaged, as demonstrated by their strong budget support for advanced nuclear RD&D,” he added.

“Gemini Plus came about from NGNP Industry Alliance members’ work with Poland,” said Dr. Southworth. “Working together, we quickly realized that international collaboration creates the synergies needed for public-private partnerships to be successful. Gemini Plus leverages the science, technology and ‘know-how’ to commercialize advanced nuclear for industrial use.”

The biannual HTR Conference was inaugurated by the European High Temperature Reactor Technology Network (HTR-TN) in 2002 and brings together research and industry experts from around the world. The NGNP Industry Alliance was a host of the previous HTR Conference, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2016.

NGNP Industry Alliance to Address HTR 2018 Warsaw 10.8.2018

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