New Members to the NGNP Alliance!

South Carolina & Georgia Development Groups Join Next Generation Nuclear Plant Industry Alliance

Ridgeland Mississippi – Today the Savannah River Site Community Reuse Organization (SRSCRO) and the Advanced Research Center (ARC) announced their membership in the Next Generation Nuclear Plant Industry Alliance. Leaders from both organizations expressed their enthusiasm for moving forward High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor (HTGR) technology and for the potential of hosting these next generation reactors in the surrounding area or, if property becomes available at the Savannah River Site.

Fred Moore, the Executive Director Emeritus of the NGNP Industry Alliance said “We are very excited about the SRSCRO and ARC joining our other companies in this great cause. The surrounding area is, in fact, a great future location of HTGRs or even the possible location for the first of a kind construction.”

Rick McLeod, Executive Director of the SRSCRO said “These high temperature reactors present a very real and very exciting possibility for our region of the country. We have several local industrial heat users in South Carolina and Georgia that would greatly benefit from the price stability and environmental benefits of heat produced by this type of small modular reactor. Our community is a pro-nuclear community and we have an existing skilled nuclear work force associated with the Savannah River Site and surrounding nuclear industry. We also have established training programs to train future workers for jobs in the nuclear industry. Plus, there are a number of well-characterized and appropriate sites for these next generation modular reactors.”

Fred Humes, Director of the Advanced Research Center added “The market for HTGRs is substantial. The NGNP Industry Alliance and the Idaho National Laboratory have conservatively estimated that in North America alone, there is a market for over 700 of these advanced high temperature SMRs. The Aiken area can be in on the ground floor in terms of fuel manufacturing, components, materials, etc. The need to build out this capability definitely plays to our strengths. In addition, there are several potential uses of the technology that are particularly intriguing to me, including high temperature steam for our industries along with an added advantage of a supply of electrical power. There’s also the very exciting potential for using HTGR heat and electric power for the production of large quantities of hydrogen without fossil fuel use – this could be revolutionary for petrochemical and carbon conversion industries around the world.”

On the subject of timing, Moore stated that “The impression some people may have that HTGRs are decades away is simply false. There is a good historic legacy, including in the U.S., for this technology. Two test reactors are currently operational globally and a commercial sized unit is being built in China. Although a technology development effort is needed in parallel with a modern, U.S.-based licensing process, the technology development risk is very low. With a focused, aggressive effort, the first-of-a-kind modern HTGR module could be up and operating in the U.S. by about 2026 as part of a multi-module deployment.”

Moore added that the Alliance has completed its business plan and is currently speaking with potential investors.


The Savannah River Site Community Reuse Organization is a non-profit regional group focused on supporting job creation in a five-county region of Georgia and South Carolina, including Aiken, Allendale and Barnwell counties in South Carolina and Richmond (Augusta) and Columbia counties in Georgia. The group’s mission is to facilitate economic development opportunities associated with Savannah River Site technology, capabilities and missions and to serve as an informed, unified community voice for the two-state region.
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The Advanced Research Center is a division of the Economic Development Partnership. The Economic Development Partnership represents Aiken and Edgefield Counties in all aspects of economic development from recruitment of manufacturing companies to the advancement of technology from SRS and SRNL. The ARC mission is to bring technology into the private sector through initiatives such as the Center for Hydrogen Research, the Savannah River Research Campus, innovation centers and active support of the advancement of SRNL technologies.
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The mission of the NGNP Industry Alliance is to commercialize High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor (HTGR) technology and expand the use of clean nuclear energy within industrial applications. The Alliance is comprised of potential end users, owner operators and technology companies including: AREVA, ConocoPhillips, Dow Chemical, Entergy, GrafTech International Ltd., Mersen, Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada, SGL Group, Technology Insights, Toyo Tanso Co. Ltd., Ultra Safe Nuclear and Westinghouse. HTGRs are distinct from conventional light water reactors in that their high outlet temperatures enable a large increase in electric power production efficiency and also enable them to substitute for fossil fuel use in many energy-intensive industrial processes. Further, their inherently safety features enable their placement near those facilities.

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