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Member companies have joined in this alliance with the primary purpose to promote the development and commercialization of High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor (HTGR) technologies through support of, and participation in, the DOE’s Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP) Project.  Our alliance represents the interests and views of our members that intend to mutually support and direct project plans to design, build, operate and use the HTGR technology. We provide a forum and focus to communicate industry needs and requirements and work in concert with the Idaho National Laboratory and others to seek out and promote industrial uses for HTGR technologies within the United States, North America and other continents around the world.

HTGR technology offers a major opportunity to stabilize historically volatile prices for premium fossil fuels and extends America’s limited resources of this commodity.  Stabilizing energy costs will encourage a return of process industry facilities to the U.S. from offshore locations where lower and more stably priced fuels and feedstocks have been available. As fossil fuel supplies become more limited several decades from now, process heat from HTGRs promises to provide new sources of hydrogen and ways to shift chemical and fuels production to new feedstocks.

Over the past decade, the private sector assumed considerable risk by investing hundreds of millions of dollars in development of the advanced HTGR technology. The historical investment and any new investment in the HTGR technology will remain at risk until such time as the technology is commercialized and the foundation for widespread deployment in the commercial marketplace is established.  Market forces based on typical projections for fossil resource prices and price volatility, alone, are insufficient to cause industrial energy suppliers and end-users to employ the HTGR technology as a replacement for premium fossil resources.  Government policies in the National interest regarding energy security and carbon emissions will be required for the development of this marketplace for the HTGR technology.

Commercialization of HTGR technology is essential to the National interests in achieving the evolving environmental and energy policy goals.  HTGR technology offers benefits to America including: 1) Reduced greenhouse gases (GHG) through large scale displacement of premium fossil fuels in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications; 2) Reduced reliance on imported oil and gas supplies as industry fuels; 3) Extending life of domestic oil and natural gas supplies as strategic assets for transportation fuels until alternatives become viable technically and economically;  4) Sustainable expansion of American industrial manufacturing capabilities for energy intensive industries; and 5) Job creation within the U.S. supplying materials and equipment to construct and operate HTGR-based industrial infrastructure.

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Thank you for visiting this blog.  This is the official blog of the NGNP Alliance . We welcome your questions.  Please use these contacts.  Note that for now comments are turned off.

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For information and questions about the NGNP Alliance
Jason Lang
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For information about the content of this blog
Margaret Harding
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Addison Hall
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